WordPress 2.5 Upgrade

I’ve upgraded this site to the WordPress 2.5 release candidate. I had been planning to wait until the release, but Daniel asked me to upgrade his blog a few days ago. When I saw how quick & painless the upgrade was, I decided to upgrade here as well.

The upgrade took less than 5 minutes, including backing up. So far every WordPress upgrade I’ve done has been quick, painless, and uneventful. With Drupal, on the other hand, every upgrade is traumatic and breaks lots of features. I still haven’t upgraded any of my sites to Drupal 6 yet.

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  1. I'm using my own copy of WordPress hosted at Dreamhost, not wordpress.com. WordPress 2.5 can be downloaded from http://wordpress.org/development/2008/03/25-sneak

    At wordpress.com you'll probably have to wait until they upgrade the entire site. I haven't heard whether WPMU (which they use) will be upgraded at the same time.

  2. How can you upgrade this? I have a blog and havn’t goten any notices recently.

  3. The most noticeable change is to the administrative interface, although it also adds some security fixes.

    <img src="http://img.skitch.com/20080320-8sk97733np2mrkjdfj9crhahaj.preview.jpg"/&gt;

  4. What did this change? Is is better than the old version?

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