Fast image loading with Three20

I get a lot of complaints about the slow swipe action in ICHC, as a result of loading each image the first time they appear. Although I added caching in version 1.5, I chose to do it that way to minimize the memory usage and avoid low memory crashes.

I’ve been looking at ways to improve the speed and one of the best options seems to be to rewrite it using Joe Hewitt’s Three20 framework. As a proof of concept, I wrote a simple test program which loads a pre-defined set of images. The scrolling & image loading performance is excellent.

Note this is just a proof of concept. I haven’t figured out all of the details of how to implement it in the actual application. The major hurdle is that I need to handle mixed photos & videos in a single stream, while the photo browser only handles photos.

Of course there won’t be any new updates until Apple approves the updates that have been in review for over a month, as well as the new updates I submitted a week ago with.

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