My absence

I haven’t been posting for a while because I’ve been feeling very burned out and discouraged after what happened with I Can Has Cheezburger. I’m very hurt by some of the comments by some of the customers saying things like this:

Hugely disappointed with the update, to the point of where I ended up replacing the ICHC app altogether with a bookmark icon created through Safari on my phone’s home screen. At least zooming works properly by going to the blog directly through Safari, and YouTube videos immediately trigger the YouTube app rather than going through two redirectons.

That YouTube issue has been changed in the update that I submitted more than a month ago, which also adds support for Viddler videos which are now being used at FAILblog. Rather than seeing those kinds of complaints, I felt that it would be better to pull the app from sale completely.

I really felt that this version was an improvement over the old one, but people seem to universally hate it. I rewrote a lot of code to make it a lot cleaner and made some very major improvements such as support for ICHC’s API for submitting LOLs. The unapproved update also added a shuffle feature, which was widely requested and eliminated the click to play graphic for movies.

Comments like the ones I’ve seen here just make me feel like giving up iPhone development. I certainly won’t develop any more applications that access the internet.

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