ICHC Updates are now available

Updates are now available for both free & paid versions of I Can Has Cheezburger, version 1.5.3. There are no new features or visible changes – it simply fixes a crash several people were experiencing related to FAILblog.

5 responses to “ICHC Updates are now available

  1. Is it possible in the I Can Has Cheezburger app to be able to view random pictures with a push of a button rather than shaking the iPhone? It's really annoying when I shake and it didn't register. Plus it'd be much easier. Other than that, it's my most used app!

  2. Oooh the new interface looks nice! Can't wait. Ichc is by far my most used app

    • Thanks @JediKitteh!

      A short progress update: My photo source is able to load the proper images from each site, but it still isn't handling images beyond the first set of items & the initial load is pretty slow. Once the images are cached, it's very fast. flicking & pinching are a lot smoother and less quirky than the current version. I'm still not handling video, though.

  3. Great news! Can't wait for the update 🙂

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