New Webhost

If you’re seeing this, the DNS is resolving to our new location at DreamHost.

When I had all of my domains hosted at MediaTemple, I was always very close to and often exceeded the monthly 1000 GPU limit.

Although MacMegasite is a pretty standard WordPress site without any plugins that hog processor time, it gets a lot of traffic and the database is pretty huge due to the number of posts. Even with WP-Super-Cache, it averaged over 30 GPU per day, which easily put it over the limit, not counting this site & WorldBeatPlanet.

A few weeks ago I moved MacMegasite to DreamHost, where I’m also hosting the feed proxy used by the latest ICHC app. After the move, I found that MacMegasite ran a lot faster than it did at MediaTemple, which I found to be getting a lot slower lately.

One reason I prefer DreamHost to MediaTemple is because their Panel API lets you control your virtual private server from an iPhone app, among other things. With DreamHost I can change the memory size or reboot my VPS at any time. DreamHost also lets you create a separate user for each domain or group of domains, so it’s a lot easier to give someone access only to a particular domain than at MediaTemple, which puts all of the domains under a single user.

DreamHost Management App
DreamHost App

DreamHost had some problems a few years ago, but they definitely got their act together and they now seem reliable. MediaTemple, on the other hand, seems to have become extremely slow with frequent server outages.

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