Sync OmniFocus with your own server

OmniFocus provides several ways to sync your data between devices, including MobileMe and their beta Omni Sync Server. If you have a web hosting account (such as DreamHost) that supports WebDAV, you can set up your own sync server without having to subscribe to any other services. Here’s how I set it up on DreamHost.

1. On your web host, set up a WebDAV directory. On DreamHost, go to Goodies -> Htaccess/WebDAV and choose a fully hosted domain. In the next screen, enter the name of a directory you want to use for WebDAV and password protect it.

Screen Shot 2011-09-08 at 8.52.37 PM.png

2. In OmniFocus on your Mac, go to Sync settings and switch to the advanced tab. Enter the name of a subfolder inside the directory you specified in step 1.

Screen Shot 2011-09-08 at 8.49.34 PM.png

3. Enter that same path on all of your mobile devices that you want to sync with it.

I find it to be much faster than MobileMe using my DreamHost server. Your results may vary depending on your web host or server.

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