Other Stuff

Download my software:

  • Watermark: An Aperture plugin to add a copyright notice or other text to your photos.
  • Mii Transfer: A utility for transferring Miis created on your Wii to your Mac.
  • SlimFeeder: An open source Cocoa client for FriendFeed.
  • RSS Widgets for my web sites.

iPhone Apps:


  • Currently a partner in Notion, developing iOS games.
  • Zipongo (2010). I was a member of the team developing the fitness tracking iPhone app
  • Absolute Software (2001-2010). I worked on the Mac OS versions of Lojack for Laptops, Computrace & AbsoluteTrack.
  • SIRS/Mandarin (1987-2001). I was the primary programmer for their educational CD ROM products and later took over Mac development of their library automation system.

Download my random image WordPress theme here.