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I Can Has an Update

I Can Has Cheezburger 1.1 has been approved and is now available for sale in the app store. I’m now working on the submission API (which is still preliminary) for version 1.2.

Sales Surge

I noticed a big surge in I Can Has Cheezburger sales on Dec. 24, as several other developers have noted.

Sales Spike
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On another note, I resubmitted version 1.1 today with the compose icon changed to a pencil (even though I think the compose icon was appropriate).


Apple rejected I Can Has Cheezburger 1.1 because they objected to the compose icon being used for the LOL composer. It sounds like they never got past the photo selection before it opens the editor.

ADC Rejection
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This is what they object to:

button in question
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This is definitely a composition screen, which makes that icon appropriate for it.

This is a compose screen
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If Apple doesn’t reconsider, I’ll probably use just a plain pencil icon for that button.

I Can Has an Update

I’ve submitted the version 1.1 update of I Can Has Cheezburger, although I doubt if it will be approved before Christmas. Rather than wait for the server-side submission API, I’ve decided to make the other improvements available.

New in this version:

  • Application starts up with the last image viewed instead of starting at the beginning.
  • You can create LOLs by captioning your own pictures from the camera or saved photos. Unfortunately the web side submission API isn’t ready, so you can only save them to the camera roll.
  • You can now pinch zoom to resize the picture & double-tap to return to normal size.
  • It will recognize LOLs that contain movies and attempt to open them in Safari, although not all of them will play on an iPhone.
  • You can now email a link to a LOL.

I can (almost) haz an update

I have an update to ICanHasCheezburger almost ready to go, but I’m waiting for a server side feature before I can release it. I was going to try to release it before Christmas, but Apple says the approval process is backlogged and new submissions most likely won’t be ready before Christmas. Instead, I’m trying for Macworld week now.

Highlights of version 1.1:

  • Pinch Zoom support. You can now use a pinch gesture to resize pictures. Swiping to go to next or previous image is now only allowed when the image is not resized. You can double-click a zoomed image to restore it to normal size.
  • Create your own LOLz with a picture from the camera or a saved picture. Unfortunately the server API for submitting images isn’t available yet, so for now it will just be saved to the camera roll.
  • Recognizes movies contained in the feed and will attempt to open them in YouTube, but unfortunately many of the movies won’t play on an iPhone.
  • Application always starts up with the last viewed image from the previous session rather than the first image.

A preview of things to come

Making lulz
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I just got a notification from the App Store that I Can Has Cheezburger has been accepted and is now ready for sale.

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I Can Has a new app

I’ve submitted the official I Can Has Cheezburger iphone app to the app store. Hopefully it will be approved. I also removed the original LOLcats from sale, to avoid any confusion.

Unlike the original LOLCats, which searched Flickr for public photos, the new app uses RSS feeds from I Can Has Cheezburger and related sites, including FAILblog, Engrish Funny, and ROFLrazzi. It also has some user interface refinements, like a navigation bar that hides when you tap the screen.


I Can Has… an offishul app

My “offishul” I Can Has Cheezburger app is feature complete. Once I finish testing it I’ll submit it to the App Store.

This app is a complete rewrite from the original LOLCATS. Instead of searching for images on Flickr & Zooomr, which are often mislabeled and incorrectly tagged, it uses the feeds from ICanHasCheezburger, IHasAHotdog, FAIL Blog, and other related sites. I’ve also refined the user interface. It uses a button bar, which can be toggled on & off by tapping the image. You can switch images either by swiping or using the arrows. It has a built-in web view and lets you save pictures in the camera roll. I’m using TouchXML to handle the feeds.

I would like to pull the old LOLCATS app when I release this one, but as far as I can tell, there’s no way to do that. The old app got terrible reviews thanks to some idiot on Flickr who put a LOLCAT tag on a picture of a dead cat, which caused the application to show it. Even with that image gone, all of the reviews still mention it.

The old LOLCATS app was actually a proof of concept for a Flickr slideshow app, which I’ve decided not to develop since there are plenty of similar apps. I really like Exposure and I don’t want to compete with it. I will continue developing some apps for Zooomr, since nobody else supports it.


LOLCats 1.2 Available

LOLCats 1.2 is now available in the app store. The major change in this version is support for Zooomr as well as Flickr. This will be the last update, unless a critical bug is found.

This application will be superseded by the Official LOLCATS application, which will get content from I Can Has Cheezburger and several related sites. The official app will also be free.

I see that another LOLCATS application was released today, which sells for $0.99. That one is NOT authorized by ICanHasCheezburger.