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PicSlide 1.2 has been approved

Apple has approved PicSlide 1.2 in less than 24 hours after I submitted it. Go buy it now – the price will return to $1.99 on Monday.

PicSlide 1.2 Submitted

I just submitted PicSlide 1.2. Hopefully this will be approved as quickly as the ICHC update.

New in this version:

  • Choose Picture button moved to main screen
  • New picture chooser screen.
  • Increased difficulty of all levels except easy
  • Optimized build for 3.0 only

When this version is approved, the price will return to $1.99.

PicSlide update coming soon

I have a minor update to PicSlide that I’ll probably submit later this week. I’ve made a few refinements to the user interface, most notably moving the picture chooser to the main menu instead of the settings screen. I’ve also increased the difficulty levels by increasing the number of times it shuffles the pieces in all levels except easy. When version 1.2 is approved, the price will return to $1.99.

After I get my iPad, I will release another update that will take advantage of the larger screen.

iPad pre-ordered

I pre-ordered a 32GB WiFi iPad, to be delivered on Apr. 3. I plan to make all of my apps take advantage of it in the next release.

ICHC Road Map

Now that ICHC 2.0 was approved, I’m starting on 2.1, which has one very major change: instead of my scraped feed, which goes down pretty often, it will use the new Cheezburger Content APIs. Other features I’m planning are full iPad support and sharing LOLs on FaceBook or Twitter. I will most likely release an update which only switches it to the new APIs, since that’s a fairly urgent change.

I haven’t abandoned PicSlide. My plans for it include additional photo sources such as Flickr recent & interesting, defaulting to medium instead of easy level, as well as full iPad support and maybe additional puzzle sizes for the iPad.

The results are in

I got my app store sales report for yesterday and the results were less than dazzling. My sales for the day were just about average and lower than on some normal days. Yesterday’s sales were $42, but my best recent sales day in the last week was $51. Rather than donating yesterday’s sales, I will be donating my highest sales total for the week to Partners In Health.

Screenshot 2010.01.21 09.04.42.png Screenshot 2010.01.21 09.35.19.png

In addition, I also bought several other apps and a BassJump yesterday.

All App Sales on Jan. 20 going to Partners In Health

I am participating in Indie+Relief tomorrow (Jan. 20) with 100% of all app sales going to Partners In Health.

Promo Dispenser

Promo Dispenser is a new site where developers can make promo codes available and encourage users to rate & review their apps. It looks like it can help developers get more exposure and gives users an opportunity to get free apps legally in exchange for reviewing & rating them.

I have 14 promo codes available there for PicSlide, so go download & rate it!

The Christmas Effect

Since iTunes Connect has been down for the holidays, I wasn’t able to check my app store sales until today. I got a very pleasant surprise when I checked the reports. Both the free & premium versions of I Can Has Cheezburger had their best sales day since their release. Even iDjembe had a huge sales spike. Unfortunately PicSlide (which is my favorite application & which I consider my best) didn’t see any such increase.

Screen shot 2009-12-28 at 6.22.48 PM
Screen shot 2009-12-28 at 8.43.34 PM

Holiday Sale – PicSlide and iDjembe free for one day only

Both PicSlide and iDjembe are free for one day only, from now until 6PM EST on Monday, Dec. 21. Download PicSlide here (iTunes link).