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PicSlide 1.1 has been approved

I just got an email from Apple saying that PicSlide 1.1 is ready for sale, 10 days after I submitted it. It may take a few hours for it to appear in the store.

Download it here.

I’ll keep the price at $0.99 until the Monday after Christmas, when it will return to the regular price of $1.99.

The major changes in this version are 10 new pictures, a new scoreboard, and the ability to post your completed puzzle scores to FaceBook.

PicSlide 1.1 Submitted

I have just submitted PicSlide 1.1, which adds several new features:

  • Counts number of moves to complete puzzle
  • New scoreboard window
  • Post your score to Facebook
  • 10 new pictures

There’s now a Facebook app page for PicSlide.

PicSlide 50% off sale extended until 1.1 is available

PicSlide 1.1 is complete and I plan to submit it in the next few days if no bugs are discovered. To celebrate, it will remain on sale for $0.99 until version 1.1 is available.

Here are the changes in version 1.1

  • A new scoreboard window
  • Facebook Connect to share your scores
  • 10 new pictures added
  • New application icon

PicSlide can now share your scores on Facebook

I’ve added a real scoreboard to PicSlide, instead of the current ‘game over’ alert. It saves your 10 best scores, with separate scoreboards for each level. You can also post your score to Facebook.


Share on Facebook.png


I’m still working on a new icon for the application & I’ll probably be able to submit it next week after I finalize the Facebook application page.

50% off sale on PicSlide

From now through next Saturday, November 28, PicSlide is selling for only $1 (that’s 50% off) to celebrate my birthday and US Thanksgiving.

Buy it here.

New PicSlide 1.1 Features

I’m adding Facebook connect to PicSlide 1.1. There will be a connect button on the main menu, and when you complete a puzzle it will post a message to your stream with the time & number of moves.

New PicSlide Feature Facebook connect in PicSlide

It will also have a score board listing the 10 best times & fewest moves instead of the current ‘game over’ alert. I haven’t finalized the appearance of the scoreboard yet.

I’m also working on a new application icon which is more suggestive of the actual application with a wooden frame & a real picture instead of colored blocks.

New PicSlide icon

Plans for PicSlide 1.1

I’m starting to work on enhancements for the next version of PicSlide. The major change is that it will now count the number of moves as well as the elapsed time.

I also plan to add a scoreboard and a way to share your best scores online, most likely with FaceBook Connect.

Screen shot 2009-11-06 at 9.27.11 PM.png

Check your app release dates!

When I checked my app store stats for the first day, I noticed that the only PicSlide sales were from my blog & promo codes I gave out. On further investigation, I discovered that it suffered the same fate Craig Hockenberry described here: the release date was set to Sept. 24, which is the day I submitted it, rather than yesterday, when it was approved. As a result, it wasn’t listed as a new application.

iTunes FAIL.png

I went into iTunes Connect and changed the availability date to tomorrow, which will probably cause it to disappear until then, and hopefully be listed as a new application. If you want it now, leave me a comment to get a promo code.

PicSlide is ready for sale!

After more than a month, PicSlide has finally been approved. You can download it here.


Still not approved

It’s now exactly one month since I submitted PicSlide and it still hasn’t been approved. I haven’t heard anything at all from Apple in 2 weeks now.