Went to see Bagels and

Went to see Bagels and Fraylox at Aromas, a local coffe shop.

I’m not a member of the coffe shop crowd, it sorta scares me actually. But the music was really good, I forgot the name of it exactly but it has a clarinet, accordian, bass guitar and a saxaphone. It was really neat, and in a while they’re playing again at a local library with Yiddish singing.

I view most religions as traditional things, like tribal things almost. I think of the holy scriptures as folklore and morals. I know it sounds bad to religious people, but it’s almost an even higher form of respect. I don’t think of the Bible, Torah or Koran as something false, I think of it as something that should be respected, even if it isn’t to be taken literally.

Oh, and I really dig Jewish music. I think I’m going to go see them when they play at the library, and get my friends to come with me. I’m falling in love with the bass guitar. I don’t know why yet, but I think it has to do with it’s simplicity and purity. Guitar is based on lots of tricks, which I’m never good at. Bass seems like more of an actual instrument. I still love guitar, of course, but I think bass fits me closer.

As Jake said: “I should have figured that Jeremiah plays bass.”

[Jeremiah’s Radio Weblog]

The music is called Klezmer. It’s from my parent’s generation, so of course I can’t stand it 🙂

I don’t play the bass. I used to play keyboards when I was Jeremiah’s age, but I fell in love with the bass after hearing Stanley Clarke & Jaco Pastorius. Those guys turned it into a solo instrument.

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