Sickening: Two shops in Vancouver

UFO-shaped cloud over mountain

Sickening: Two shops in Vancouver were raided last week for selling counterfeit DVDs. Along with the standard “billions and billlions of dollars lost each year” figure, the Motion Picture Association lawyer trotted out the connection that the profits from the sale of these illegal DVDs may help fund organized crime and terrorists. [via Lawrence]

Morbus: whaaa? that doesn’t even begin t… sigh. [Aaron Swartz: Secret Agent]

I figured it out. The government’s (and everyone else’s) new code word is “terrorist”. If you don’t like something or want to instantly sway public opinion against something, call them terrorsts, or claim that they help fund terrorists.

drug dealers == terrorists

counterfeit dvd sellers == terrorists

music or software piracy == terrorists

I don’t think people are really stupid enough to believe that crap.

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