Alphabetica Cyberia. A is for

Alphabetica Cyberia. A is for Argon, which dulls the senses and confuses the intellect. Its mind-control properties were discovered in 1864 by Lincoln’s Special Technical Investigation Corps while investigating a cave used by the Hopi for rehabilitation of miscreants, but it wasn’t practical for wide deployment until transmutation was perfected in 1943. Since then it has been widely used, first by the OSS, and later by the CIA, for political control field work; enclosed stadiums were originally designed in the mid ’50s as a civil defense measure for efficiently argon-indoctrinating many people at once. As a gas, containment is difficult and argon levels have been continuously rising over the years, being nearly 1 % of the atmosphere at present. Certain areas, notably the Los Angeles basin which is plagued by atmospheric inversions, have already suffered significant mental distortion, and the uncontrolled release of argon has therefore been banned by de facto international agreement. continued… []

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