Is It Time for Drug

Is It Time for Drug Policy Reform in the US?. The time has come for the United States to shed its antiquated and puritanical drug laws. Regardless of one’s own personal preference regarding the use of intoxicating substances, at the most fundamental level, what right does the government have to tell an adult which chemicals they may put into their own body? Certainly, engaging in activities such as driving a car or operating machinery while intoxicated endanger others and should not be permissible. In the privacy of one’s own home, however, how does the government have the right to determine which substances may be consumend, and which may not? []

Even though I personally don’t condone the use of drugs, I feel very strongly that we should end the war on drugs. It’s clear by now that we’re losing that war badly and are just throwing away lots of money.

Furthermore, those anti-drug TV ads are just plain ridiculous. It’s our drug policy and the war on drugs itself that supports dictators & terrorists. The government has no right to tell citizens what chemicals they’re allowed to put in their body, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. Of course there still needs to be strict laws against driving, flying aircraft, or operating other machinery while under the influence of drugs.

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