Is this a new spam

Is this a new spam tactic?

We require server with a minimum of 32 ip per server preferably red hat linux 7.2 or higher and 32 ip. 512 mg ram… 800+ MHz. we would use the 32 ip, and change them every 20 minutes. Thus rotating/dynamic IP At the moment we would probably hire 2 servers right away then (have order for 6 more), we will utilizes you services & if found satisfactory then we will extend our contract for a longer time/duration. We are on a budget but have continuous & long term work for the selected group/candidate, to be selected you need to take into consideration several factors like – Price of ur service Uptime Bandwidth Location of ur server (prefer outside US) Customer service – response time We are open to suggestions so if you wanna/can propose any other feature or price slab/structure for this project let us know. MassonInc

This is a bid request from today’s Rent-A-Coder list.

I subscribed to Rent-A-Coder a few months ago, which sends out emails every day with project bid requests. Most of them are for small projects that aren’t worth my time now, but may be useful when my contract with Absolute software ends in a few months, if I don’t find a new project right away.

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