MSNBC.  Intel to include copy

MSNBC.  Intel to include copy protection functionality in new chips.  I personally won’t ever buy a chip with type of stuff on it.  Unless there is an alternative, my aggressive upgrade cycle has ended (I usually buy the high-end chips and pay a premium).  I hope other people feel the same way.  The same goes for Microsoft’s Palladium.

The LaGrande technology will be first included in Prescott, Intelâs code name for a member of its Pentium chip line that is due out in the second half of next year. It was one of a series of technical advances outlined by Mr. Otellini at a conference here for software and hardware developers.

[John Robb’s Radio Weblog]

This is why I don’t trust Microsoft & Intel and why I try to avoid their products. When I had a PC, I made sure I bought one with an AMD chip, and I plan to do the same the next time I buy a PC.

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