I'm still having grief with FedEx

I’m still having grief with FedEx. Last Thursday I ordered a LinkSys WET-11 wireless ethernet bridge from buy.com with free shipping via FedEx ground. It shipped the next day and according to the tracking info, it was on the truck for delivery here Monday, although no delivery attempt was made. They supposedly attempted to deliver it Tuesday & nobody was home. No note was left on my door & I didn’t see any fedex truck. The same thing happened yesterday, and I called to request that they hold it so I could pick it up today. They didn’t hold it and it went out for delivery. They supposedly attempted delivery at 9:31 today, and I know I was home at that time. Once again, no note was left on my door & I didn’t see any FedEx truck. When I called them, they confirmed that they did have the correct adddress. Hopefully this time they really will hold it so I can pick it up tomorrow. I know if they attempt delivery, it will never get here.

I’ve never had problems like that with deliveries from FedEx air, UPS, or Airborne.

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