Someone else also got hit

It looks like this guy also got hit by the same spammer:

In the last few months, I’ve actually gotten very good at filtering spam. It’s been reduced to a manageable level finally. However, I just returned from discover a ton of email… mostly bounced emails with a few “out of office” autoresponders thrown in there. Of course, I never emailed any of these people, but it seems some spammer spoofed my email address and sent his spam out to millions (the bounces keep pouring in…). With all the discussions of filters and whitelists vs. blacklists, does anyone have a solution for this sort of problem? Does this mean that I’m now going to be accused of spamming? Update: It’s getting worse. The bounce messages just keep on coming. Right now I’m pushing 100 messages in the last three hours. Even worse, though, is that I’m getting subscribed to all sorts of crap. It seems that a bunch of the emails in this spammers list are actually subscription emails, and instead of having “double opt-ins”, I’m getting automatically added to various subscription lists I have no interest in being a part of.

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