Safari Response:

In response to comments made on Jan 8 on about the site misrendering. I’ve narrowed it down to a basic fundamental problem. Whenever text can’t fit on a line with a float, KHTML (Safari’s version at least, maybe this has been fixed in Konq) shoves the text down past *all* floats. In memeufacture’s case there is a horizontal float stripe across the top and another vertical float stripe down the side. What’s happening is that rather than just placing the objects right below the horizontal float stripe, the text is being shoved all the way past the vertical stripe as well.

I’ve filed a bug. This probably affects a fair number of weblog sites (you guys love your floats), so I’ll try to address it soon. [Surfin’ Safari]

What about the problem Safari has logging in to all PHP-Nuke based sites? I find that problem critical, and it prevents me from using Safari as my primary browser.

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