Life as a nomad

I’ve made a couple of big moves in my life and I’m getting ready to make one more. This one will probably be the most difficult because I’ve accumulated so much stuff, I now own a home, and I’m moving to another country.

I hate being tied down to some place and I’m starting to feel trapped here. I’ve accumulated too much furniture that I have to get rid of, since it’ll be difficult and expensive to move it. I also have a huge collection of books, CDs, and DVDs as well as too many computers. The PBG4 I just ordered will replace my desktop computer and my iBook.

I’ve often fantasized about having a completely mobile life, with my PowerBook as the center and owning only what I can pack up and move easily, like the Fulani people.

When I was in my 20s I moved from NYC to L.A. That was an easy move because I didn’t have anything. When I got settled there, my parents shipped my books and other items. Next, after my friend & I started ISIS International, we moved the company to Casper, WY to cut down on expenses.

When that fizzled, I moved to Florida to be near my mom when she got sick. I only had a few things shipped here and ended up starting out fresh. Somewhere along the way since then I bought a condo and ended up accumulating far too much furniture and too many computers. I now feel trapped here.

Since my job is in Vancouver, I now plan to move there so I can work on site instead of telecommuting.

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