MS Blaster

From Jeremiah Rogers’ Weblog:

Well well, my net connection at home is down again. I called COX and they seemed to care, a little bit, but not enough to troubleshoot. Apparently their entire network has collapsed. I’ll attribute this to Blaster and dumbfuck admins. When powered on the cable modem goes into an epilleptic fit of flashing leds which it normally only does briefly once it’s found the network and stays lit full-time.

In other news: the network at my mom’s hospital is down because of Blaster as well. Non-functional.

The sad thing is that Blaster is far from the worst a worm could do: it carries a minimal payload. Can you imagine what else a worm like that is capable of?

My company’s email system got a big hit from the Sobig worm.

Thanks, Microsoft for allowing your insecure software to destroy the internet.

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