RIAA Lands a Big One – in the Face

RIAA Sues 12-Year Old Girl

“tcp100 noted an article running at fox about The RIAA suing a 12 Year Old girl: ”I got really scared. My stomach is all turning,’ Brianna said last night at the city Housing Authority apartment where she lives with her mom and her 9-year-old brother.'” [Slashdot]

And she’s an honors student, too. Yeah, that’s exactly the kind of big fish the RIAA needs to fry in order to save their business model. Brianna and her family have already settled the suit for $2,000, which means Brianna probably won’t be buying any CDs either. Good job, RIAA!

Yes, what Brianna did was illegal, but she sure didn’t make any money from it. If the RIAA will go after 12-year olds, do you doubt that they’ll go after libraries in order to save their precious business model? Maybe not lawsuits, but they’ll do whatever they need to in order to close digital loopholes that let us circulate digital files.

[The Shifted Librarian]

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