Decline of the presidency

For a few days I’ve been considering whether to write about the passing of Ronald Reagan and what I should write. I won’t take issue with his politics, even though I disagree with most of it.

I believe Reagan’s election marked the decline of the presidency. There were bad presidents before him, but before Reagan, the president was always an intelligent, strong man who made his own decisions rather than depending on advisors. Before Reagan, presidents were elected on issues, not image.

Reagan was elected for his image, personality, and communcation skills rather than his policies & ideas. There was no substance behind his image. Lack of knowledge became a plus. The president was now nothing more than a figurehead, with his advisors making the real decisions.

Both Bushes continue the same tradition. George W. Bush once said that he doesn’t read newspapers. He depends on his aides to inform him of important events. How did ignorance ever become a good thing for the president?

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