Why this election is important

Via Kicking Ass:

“If Bush wins re-election you’re going to have a very conservative judiciary,” University of Houston political scientist Robert Carp said on Thursday. “An average president puts in about a third of the federal judiciary in two terms, so this really is a watershed year in terms of what happens.”


“George W. Bush is the most conservative president that we have data for,” Karp said. “In civil rights and liberties cases, his judges were 25 percent more conservative than those of other Republicans.” Supreme Court Justices sit on the bench for life – making decisions that affect our laws and the everyday lives of ordinary Americans for decades to come.

Never mind any of the other issues, the real danger if Bush gets re-elected is the potential of his supreme court appointments. A more conservative supreme court could wipe out 50 years of social progress in Civil rights, Women’s rights including reproductive freedom, Voting rights, Workers’ rights, Environmental protections, Privacy rights, and Disability rights.

See courtsave.org for a more detailed look at just what’s at stake.

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