Canadian MPs are harassed on gay marriage issues

It looks like our wingnuts forgot that Canada is a separate country and decided to butt in there.

Via Gay As the canadian MPs are on the way to look upon the “gay marriage” legislation. They are submersed by phones/fax/emails from theirs constituents, which is normal. But also by Americans who apparently don’t know there’s a border.

Now, the worse is hidden, the no same-sex marriage campaign is founded partly by US organizations and it starts worrying officials. Canadian organizations have not the funding sufficient to work effectively for the pro side and no law forbids the US funding.

Meanwhile, community leaders like Salah Bachir in Toronto run a counter campaign (Canadians For Equal Marriage) based on the defense of the Charter of rights. Salah heads Famous Players Media, the company that handles adverts in the Famous Players theaters on both screens and walls.

More details on CBC news

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