iTunes affiliate program

I’m thinking of dropping the iTunes affiliate program since I make very little from it and I really hate dealing with them. The program, along with .Mac & Apple Store is administrated by LinkShare, not directly by Apple. Did I mention I really hate LinkShare? They reek of spam marketing and they’re always trying to get me to join other programs I have no interest in and which have no relation to my sites. Their site is a huge pain to use. Every form on their page has a ‘captcha’ graphic. One is bad enough, but I don’t want to deal with it on every page.

So far I haven’t been paid anything from LinkShare and their program is very “high-maintenance”. On the other hand, Google AdSense and MacResQ pay nicely and are fairly low maintenace. Amazon pays very little – an occasional gift certificate – but it’s very easy to maintain. So far Google & MacResQ have paid more than enough to cover my web hosting for a full year.

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