A "Progressive Center"

Greg Anrig, Jr. proposes four goals at TPM Cafe that would make the country better off in meaningful ways while appealing to a broad spectrum of the population (and really, really angering highly vocal groups, mainly but not exclusively on the right).

  1. Extend health insurance to all citizens.
  2. Restore order to the immigration system – for our security, our economy, and an end to lawlessness. The plan would look a lot like the McCain-Kennedy proposal.
  3. Make the income tax system more simple and fair by following the Reagan model of 1986: tax all income from investments the same as earnings (outside of a simplified savings-promotion account) and wipe out the countless loopholes that benefit only small numbers of companies and mostly high-income individuals. (These reforms would help pay for universal health coverage).
  4. On the social issues that motivate the religious right, minimize the involvement of government and courts in the private decisions of citizens while respecting established practices and legal precedents. Change should generally arise through political consensus at the state and local level rather than judicial edicts.

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