Building an online store with Drupal

I’m using Drupal‘s E-Commerce module to set up the store at WorldBeatPlanet. Rather than selling all of the items myself, I’m using my affiliate links with CD Baby and Amazon to offer products from their sites. When I work out the details with Jimi, I will also be selling CDs myself.

The E-commerce module normally handles the shopping cart, payment, and shipping directly, but I figured out how to use it with external items sold by another site. To sell an item through CD Baby, I create a new product with an affiliate link for the album, enter the description and paste in CD Baby’s shopping cart code. For the product info, I make the add to shopping cart item hidden and make it a non-shippable item. When someone views that item and purchases it, rather than adding it to WorldBeatPlanet’s shopping cart, it will add it to a shopping cart at CD Baby to be purchased. It’s fairly seamless. It should work the same with Amazon items, although I haven’t tried it yet.

Using taxonomy terms, I specify whether the item is sold by CD Baby, Amazon, or directly (although it really isn’t needed), and I created menu items to view only items from that store. I also did the same with a separate taxonomy to browse by genre in all stores.

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