Browser choices

I switch browsers frequently because I get annoyed with the one I’m using. I try to keep my bookmarks pretty much in sync between browsers using URL Manager Pro, and I usually add new bookmarks to rather than my browser’s bookmarks.

Right now I’m trying Opera as my default browser, thanks to the free registration. I’ve used it before unregistered & the ads really weren’t too intrusive. Opera is very fast, but has too many quirks I find annoying & features don’t work as expected. I’d like it if it acted more like other browsers. I do love the speed & stability, however.

I usually go back to Safari, but end up getting annoyed when it freezes up & slows down my entire system. Safari is by far the nicest & when it works, I like it’s OS integration & support.

When I get annoyed with Safari’s slowdowns, I usually switch to Camino but soon get annoyed with its extremely slow typing in text fields & rendering problems in certain pages or it will start crashing on me.

I often end up using FireFox because I love its speed & I find it more stable than Camino, but I dislike its poor OS integration and lack of support for services or the middle mouse button.

My ideal browser would have FireFox’s speed, Opera’s stability, and Safari’s OS integration.

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