Dustin Quasar Sacks is moving to Vancouver.

I love Vancouver and I’ve been toying with the idea of moving there myself. I was there last January for work and I found the weather tolerable and even pleasant, even though I’m used to a tropical climate. I prefer a ‘traditional’ city (like New York, San Francisco, etc) with a real downtown where you can walk around instead of having to drive everywhere. Vancouver is a great city to walk around in and there’s a lot to do in the downtown area. I also prefer the political climate in Canada, where there are no religious right wingnuts and the general attitudes are more sane. Since my job is in Vancouver, I’d be able to work on site instead of telecommuting.

On the other hand, I have a really nice condo which I put a lot of work into for improvements and landscaping. I like my neighbors and we’re like family here. Moving would be a huge hassle since I have a lot of stuff, plus moving two cats would be very difficult. One option would be to buy or rent a second home there and either get a roommate here and spend hurricane season in Vancouver or just rent it out and live there permanently.

Since I left New York in 1986, I never really considered anyplace home until now. I moved to Florida when my mom got sick and I always figured I’d leave when she’s gone or no longer needs help, but somewhere along the way I put down roots. I like this community and the people in the condo (except one), but I hate south Florida in general. Dealing with the jerks outside here always puts me in a foul mood. The people in Vancouver (and Canadians in general) are so much nicer.

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