Back to Cable

A few days ago I switched back to Comcast cable instead of DirecTV. For a while I’ve been having a lot of weather-related problems with my dish. Due to my location and the trees around me, I lose the signal as soon as it starts to rain.

I took advantage of Comcast’s deal for DirecTV owners to switch. I decided to get their full package including HD DVR, which still cost less than I was paying for DirecTV. This is the first time I’ve seen a true HD signal on my TV and the difference is pretty amazing.

Comcast’s DVR is their own proprietary system, not TiVo. The box is a Motorola DCT6412, which has about twice the recording capacity as the DirecTiVo. It also has two tuners and can record two programs at once while viewing a recorded program. The box has Ethernet, Firewire, and USB ports as well as DVI, component and other video outputs. However it lacks some of TiVo’s features, most notably wish lists and suggestions.

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