It Can't Happen Here?

We are now officially living in a dictatorship.

Many of my friends and neighbors have no clue that today USA ceased to be a democracy. They do not realize that Congress and Courts do not have any power to stop Bush from doing whatever he wants. He never cared what they said before and did it anyway. But starting today, it became legal.

Many of my friends and neighbors believe that “it cannot happen here”. They do not understand that evangelical-chosen candidates will, by whatever means neccessary, win all the primaries and elections in the future. They have no intention of losing ever. If, by some fluke, they lose an election, they have no intention of conceding. They have tasted the power and they are not letting go. Elections are just kabuki now.

I get more disgusted every day by what I see happening. Congress told the world that torture is an American value. That’s who we are. Congress will just roll over and play dead while Bush consolidates even more power in the Executive branch. None of the Rubber Stamp Republicans in the senate or the house have the guts to oppose Bush’s unconstitutional actions. If they truly cared about this country, they’d put an end to his illegal actions.

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