New Phone

A few days ago I got an LG CU500, which Cingular is offering as an upgrade for $49. It’s a very nice phone, much slimmer than my old Motorola V551. More importantly, the sound quality & reception is a lot better and it hasn’t dropped a call. It’s a 3G phone with a built-in music player.

However it has a very big problem: it doesn’t work with iSync, and there isn’t any other software that will sync with it. Since it’s a fairly new phone, hopefully that will change soon. I ended up copying the addressbook from my old phone on a SIM card.

It requires a Micro SD card for music. I bought a 1 GB card today, only to find that it didn’t work – I always get an error saying the card isn’t ready. The card does work with a card reader, though. A google search shows that it’s a very common problem and the phone is very picky about memory cards.

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