GTD software that doesn't suck

Today I decided to take the plunge and look for a good GTD application. If I’m going to use it, it has to be convenient and easy to use, or I won’t bother with it. The first one I tried was Ghost Action, since I saw the announcement for it today. It looked really nice, but I decided to check out a few freeware applications. I also hoped I could find something that’s available via a hot key or menu extra rather than having another application in my dock, but I couldn’t find one like that.

Next I tried Thinking Rock, which I immediately hated because of it’s non-native feel (since it’s written in Java) and the huge window that takes up the entire screen. I then tried Frictionless, which looked nice at first but I found it buggy and too confusing with all of the different windows. It took me several minutes to figure out how to create a project, since it was completely non-intuitive.

I finally went back to Ghost Action and decided to stick with it, since it’s the easiest one to use and the most Mac-like. I also like that it syncs with iCal and will sync between my iMac and MacBook Pro.

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