A home owner's dream, a house that fixes itself

This is really cool. A new house being built in the mountains of Greece will have the ability to repair itself when things break. Embedded in the walls will be an entire arrays of batteryless, wireless sensors that will give data readouts on a whole host of things, including vibrations, temperature, humidity and gas levels. The sensors are so advanced that “even if the building totally collapsed, the sensors would still let you pinpoint the source of the fault,” says Dr Roger Gregory, the chairman of the University’s spin off company Instrumental Ltd. In addition to the advanced sensor design present in the house, the walls will be made of self-repairing polymers. Self-repairing materials are able to fix themselves when small cracks form, helping stave off more catastrophic failures. The self-repairing walls will contain polymer nanoparticles that will turn to liquid under extreme stress, flowing into the cracks that may form. Once in the cracks the materials reharden, fixing the newly formed fracture.

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