Apple's WWDC Bash was awesome!

At first I was a bit disappointed that Apple decided to have their traditional Thursday night WWDC Bash in Yerba Buena Center across from Moscone instead of the Apple Campus as they usually do, but it turned out to be their most awesome bash of any WWDC I’ve attended. Apple usually gets a fairly popular indie band for their bash, although last year they only had a DJ. This year they got Ozomatli, probably the biggest band they’ve ever had.

They were simply awesome. I always liked Ozomatli ever since I heard “Saturday Night” in the iPod commercial, but now I’m an even bigger fan. Every one had a great time and they got the geeky crowd dancing like crazy. They played for over an hour and ended the set by marching into the middle of the crowd still playing their drums and horns, turning into a gigantic conga line.


I’ve posted more photos here.

One response to “Apple's WWDC Bash was awesome!

  1. "Only a DJ??!??!"

    That was BT last year. If you are into that sort of thing, your jaw hit the floor when you realized who it was. Mine certainly did.

    But, yeah, to each his own and this years bash was pretty damned amazing!

    I really liked the Sushi station in the middle of the crowd that was passing out fried soft shell crab hand rolls (among other things).