Sharing items from NetNewsWire

One of Google Reader’s most popular features is shared items. Although it isn’t obvious, I found that it’s also possible to share items with NetNewsWire and NewsGator Online.

In NetNewsWire, show the Clippings group from the View Menu, which will sync with a corresponding folder, “My Clippings” on NewsGator. Using the beta version of NewsGator Online, right click on My Clippings folder and enable shared web page / RSS. Any items you add to the clippings in NetNewsWire will be reflected in that folder and will appear in your shared items online.

Unfortunately it isn’t easy to find the URL of your shared items. It’s only shown when you enable it, so if you miss it, disable and re-enable it to get your URL.

My shared items web page is available here and my RSS feed here.

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