MacBook Pro Saga Ends

My MacBook Pro ordeal is finally over. After a huge fiasco attempting to sell my old MacBook Pro on eBay, I sold it to Mac Of All Trades. Although I got less than I might have been able to at eBay, selling it directly to them was a lot less trouble. I already received (and deposited) their payment.

Trying to sell it on eBay was one of my worst online experiences ever. Selling something fairly expensive like that seems to bring out the worst of the sleaze that infests eBay.

I listed it for 5 times without a successful sale. The first time, the winner decided he didn’t want it because he thought it was a new MacBook Pro (even though I stated very clearly that it was an old model). The next two times I relisted it I had no bidders. Someone offered to trade a Rolex for it, which I turned down of course. If he had offered a Canon or Nikon DSLR, I might have reconsidered, though 🙂

The next time I added ‘buy now’, which a Nigerian scammer used to end the auction. I had stated in my listing that I would ONLY ship to North America, so I told that person I would not sell it to him. He then sent me a fake payment on Paypal.

I listed it one last time, reduced from $1400 to $1200. This time there were several bidders and it sold for $1350. The buyer then told me he won a different one and didn’t want it. None of the other bidders took my second chance offer. At that point I decided to give up on eBay completely. I will never sell anything large like a computer there again.

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