Election wrapup

This is my final election post for 2008. North Carolina was finally called, bringing Obama’s electoral votes to 364. He did a lot better than I predicted (only 331 electoral votes), which was a very pleasant surprise.

I really did want to move to Vancouver, but with the country finally headed in the right direction, it doesn’t feel right to move out of the country at this time. I would still like to move there eventually (or maybe someplace else in the Pacific Northwest).

These pictures from Callie Shell’s wonderful gallery sum up what I like about Obama. He’s genuinely humble. He cleans up after himself. Instead of buying new shoes, he re-soles his old shoes. He doesn’t have his staff pampering him. He’s about as far as you can get from the “elitist” the Republicans labeled him.



More importantly, Obama is popular outside the US. We’re already starting to rebuild the world’s respect and support after George W. Bush alienated even our allies like France. We need to have most of the world on our side, as we did immediately following 9/11 before Bush blew it. Even enemies like Iran are softening towards us. We’re no longer seen as the world’s bully.

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