SlimFeeder is a simple open source native Cocoa client for FriendFeed. With SlimFeeder you can view your friends, your own items, and the public timeline. You can also add comments or like an item and share new items with a link.

Download SlimFeeder here or download the source here.

The first time you run SlimFeeder, you will be asked to log in to FriendFeed with your remote key, which is different than your FriendFeed password. Clicking the link in the login window will open a web page that will show your remote key if you’re logged in to FriendFeed in your browser.

Login Window

After you log in, the main window will show the same items as your home page on FriendFeed, listing all of your friends’ items. Using tabs at the top of the window, you can switch to your own feed or the public feed. The item list will automatically be updated every two minutes.

Main Window

Click on an item in the list to select it. You can then use the Like or Comment buttons to show interest in that item or ad a comment. The Go button will open the associated link in your browser. The Share button lets you post a new item with an associated link.

Share Item