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PicSlide is ready for sale!

After more than a month, PicSlide has finally been approved. You can download it here.


Still not approved

It’s now exactly one month since I submitted PicSlide and it still hasn’t been approved. I haven’t heard anything at all from Apple in 2 weeks now.

In-app purchase now available for free apps

Apple just sent the following email to iPhone developers:

In App Purchase for free apps.png

In the future, perhaps I can use that to upgrade the free version of ICHC to Pro features instead of requiring a separate purchase, although I can see some logistical problems with it. In order to allow current paid users to receive updates, I’d still have to support both versions. I don’t want to require them to purchase 2.0 again when I release it.

ICHC Updates are now available

Updates are now available for both free & paid versions of I Can Has Cheezburger, version 1.5.3. There are no new features or visible changes – it simply fixes a crash several people were experiencing related to FAILblog.

I Can Has Cheezburger (free) 1.5.2 is available

I always love to get emails like this:

Mail hosted by Ember

You can download it here. If you already own ICHC, it should appear as a free update.

Tip: try viewing it in landscape 🙂

I Can Has Cheezburger free version STILL not approved

I submitted version 1.5.2 of both the free & pro versions at the same time. As you know, ICHC Pro was approved a few days ago. The free version is still in review.

I got a call from Apple today asking about a contest (which I figured out was probably one of the ads). Thanks to AT&T’s wonderful wireless service, the call was dropped right in the middle. I wasn’t able to return the call and they haven’t called me back.


I Can Has Cheezburger ad free 1.5.1 (actually 1.5.2, which I replaced while 1.5.1 was still in review) is now ready for sale. The free version, which I submitted at the same time, is still in review, although the old version 1.5 is available again.

You can download ICHC (ad-free) here, or if you prefer the free version, download it here.

New features in this version:

  • Shake to shuffle
  • Movies show web page immediately instead of click to play graphic
  • Action sheet no longer shows ‘save to photos’ for movies
  • Can now email images rather than just links in OS 3.0
  • Allows you to log into ICHC (pro version only)
  • Supports movies from Viddler at FAILblog and other sites

Note that not all Viddler movies are playable; the person who created it has to specifically enable downloading for it to work.

App Store Tip

If you remove an application from sale, updating it does NOT automatically make it available again. You need to go to “manage your applications” in iTunes Connect, click on “Edit information”, go to the pricing tab, and select any stores you want to sell it in. After you save changes, it will show up as ‘ready for sale’ on your application page. You can also do this without updating the application or if it’s still in review. This is hidden in the FAQ.

I made both I Can Has Cheezburger (ad free) 1.5.2 and ICHC ad supported 1.5 (v1.5.2 is still in review) available a few hours ago. It still hasn’t appeared yet, but hopefully they should be available before too long.


I just got an email from Apple saying that I Can Has Cheezburger (ad free) is ready for sale. Nothing about the free version, which I submitted at the same time.

However, as of 11PM (3 hours after I received the email), it still shows ‘removed by developer’. Something is badly screwed up. I had pulled the previous version while waiting for this update to be approved, but it changed from ‘in review’ to ‘removed by developer’ rather than being ‘available for sale’.

Unexpected additional time

For anyone who hasn’t kept up with my saga, I got a call from Apple Monday telling me exactly how I should rate ICHC and what changes I should make to the description. I did everything exactly as they requested and resubmitted it.

Today, I got the following email from the app store reviewer:

Dear Mike,

Your application, I Can Has Cheezburger (Ad Free) 1.5.1, is requiring unexpected additional time for review. We apologize for the delay, and will update you with further status as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your patience.


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