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Friends on a map

Friends on a map is a great new web app developed by Spencer Schoeben that shows your friend’s checkins from FaceBook, FourSquare, and Gowalla on one map.

Friends on a map

PicSlide can now share your scores on Facebook

I’ve added a real scoreboard to PicSlide, instead of the current ‘game over’ alert. It saves your 10 best scores, with separate scoreboards for each level. You can also post your score to Facebook.


Share on Facebook.png


I’m still working on a new icon for the application & I’ll probably be able to submit it next week after I finalize the Facebook application page.

Facebook app for my2unz

I’ve created a Facebook app for my2unz. It doesn’t do anything other than let you visit and log in to my2unz, but I intend to use it for embedding playlists in facebook profiles.

Facebook | my2unz
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!