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Start Wearing Purple

Flickr Blog introduced Yahoo’s new Start Wearing Purple campaign. I sure hope they got permission from Gogol Bordello to use that name.

Flock and Yahoo

Flock may be affected by the Yahoo/Microsoft deal, since Flock partnered with Yahoo to get paid for searches using the default Yahoo search box.

Nothing lasts forever

I’m sure everyone has heard about Microsoft offering to buy Yahoo.

Yahoo owns two sites I use regularly, Flickr and del.icio.us. It isn’t clear how they’d be affected if Microsoft does buy Yahoo.

When we trust our data to a site like Flickr, we trust that it will always be there. I’m not predicting that they’ll disappear, but if they do, our data will also be gone.

As an alternative to Flickr, I may switch to either Zooomr or Picassa. I’ve had Picassa for a while, but I never really used it until I got my Eye-Fi card and set it up as the default upload site.

For del.icio.us, the alternative seems to be be ma.gnolia, which I signed up for a long time ago but pretty much forgot about.